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We Live Here
Having lived in North Valley area of San Jose for over 30 years, we know this area and therefore can help our clients to meet and exceed their real estate expectations.
Milpitas Commissioner
Mr. Brahmbhatt has served the people of Milpitas as Commissioner and current Vice-Chairman of Economic Development for close to 10 years.
Residential Market Silicon Valley/Bay Area
Hotel/Motel USA wide, sure here in California 
Let us bring you in your DREAM home so you can have the utmost JOY of living. 
We can match affordability to that style of your choice and the right neighborhood so you enjoy every day of living.

Having lived in this part of Silicon Valley for over 25 years, we know just about every property, schools, shopping, walking and hiking.  Let us work with you to make your dreams come true.
Our Office in San Jose - Capital of Silicon Valley
Located in the heart of San Jose in a tall prestigious building, we are easily reachable from anywhere in Silicon Valley.
           Hotel/Motel section of real estate business is a very important              market segment for us.
           Mr. Brahmbhatt can communicate in Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, etc. 
           This allows him as a broker to properly represent a large                        buyers/sellers in hospitality business.
           With our extensive private network, we sometimes can bring 
           deals to you before they appear on popular web sites.
Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR)
Mr. Brahmbhatt is a proud member of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors. This allows him to network, to learn and be up to speed on local real estate market.

In The Neighborhood

Residential business activities of our Real Estate Team focuses in the beautiful neighborhood combining the City of Milpitas and North Valley/Berryessa areas of San Jose.  This area is known for its natural beauty, rolling east side foothills but at the same time proximity to jobs in Silicon Valley.

AAHOA is the reputable 

A large portion of the small and medium size Hotel/Motel business in United States is now under the owndership and management of Asian Americans, many of whom belong to the Gujarati community, orginally from the western state of Gujarat in India.  

Mr. Brahmbhatt is Gujarati and is also a registered Gujarati language interpreter with State of California. He brings easy communications ability with this very large market segment -  a significant value to hotel/motel business transactions.
A photograph of the beautiful east foothills peeking behind the back portion of the City Hall of Milpitas.  These hills extend in to the North Valley/Berryessa areas of San Jose. 
This is the resourceful Berryessa Community Center in the North Valley/Berryessa region of the City of San Jose.  The center has recreational, educational and community events.  Is surrouned by the beautiful park and wild animal care center. 
The Berryessa Youth center has sports facilities for youth in this culturally diverse San Jose neighborhood.  Adjoining the BYC is a very large play ground used for soccer and other field sports. In the background is seen a portion of the same beautiful east foot hills continuing from Milpitas.
The North Valley/Berryessa area boasts of great schools from elementary to middle schools to high schools.  The above picture is from Piedmont Hills High Schools's sport event in their newly remodeled gym. 
The Home For All Ages

Commercial web-site presence

New & Previously Owned Homes

Whether you want a brand new home or previously owned home, whether you want a single family home, a town home, a condominium or a four-plex; we can serve your needs with our contacts, our knowledge of the market place and our ability to put a deal together to get you the home of your dreams and bring a lot of joy ​to you and your family.
To assist our clients in commercial, hotel/motel and industrial property search and transactions, we participate on well known social media sites such as:

* Loop-net
* Hotel Inventory/Pracrea

These are specific to non-residential transactions and therefore allow us to service our customers with indepth identification of "great" deals. 

With our private network and contacts, we can find property deals even before they get listed to allow our customers a definite advantage over their competitors trying to acquire properties in similar markets. As the veterans will say; "some of the best deals never get shown on the social media."
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    Find A Great Home in Livermore
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  2. Terra Bella, brand new homes being built by Standard Pacific
    Terra Bella, brand new homes being built by Standard Pacific
    Let us take you to these brand new residential development right by the freeway just a few miles from San Jose.
  3. High Density Living Same Great Neighborhood
    High Density Living Same Great Neighborhood
    Same great neighborhood, very affordable homes.
  4. Beech at Davis by Pacific Homes
    Beech at Davis by Pacific Homes
    We can find the perfect new home for you near Sacramento
  5. Affordable New Homes in Hollister
    Affordable New Homes in Hollister
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  6. You Like Hayward - We can show new homes!
    You Like Hayward - We can show new homes!
    Very affordable, modern homes in Hayward. Real close to Silicon Valley.
Mr. Brahmbhatt Introduction
Broker Mr. Brahmbhatt is a serial entrepreneur.  He has started companies, got them acquired/merged, even has taken through Initial Public Offering (IPO).
Here is a brief synopsis of his 30 plus years solid business experience:
  • Mr. Brahmbhatt's professional career is entirely in the Silicon Valley
  • Started his first company just five years after college, took through IPO
  • Earned two graduate degrees, awarded 11 US patents 
  • Stanford and University of London cerfitications in business courses
  • Green building and energy efficiency certifications
  • Made deals totaling millions of dollars here and abroad
  • Extensive San Francisco & South Bay Real Estate knowledge
  • Extensive Commercial Real Estate knowledge
  • Special ability to help put together Hotel/Motel deals 
  • Registered lanuage interepreter in Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Fiji-Hindustani
  • Vice-Chairman, Economic Development Commission, City of Milpitas

As with many brokers in the local real-estate, Mr. Brahmbhatt started out in the high-tech Silicon Valley. This shows Mr. Brahmbhatt, the past President of the prestigious Silicon Valley Engineering Council at the Annual dinner event held recently.

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